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Environmental Health Check

Upskilling your workforce

Aspects can provide you with a total training package to upskill your workforce

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The Aspects Environmental Health Check is a confidential, bespoke service, tailored to meet your requirements for environmental advice and support.  An experienced and qualified environmental auditor will visit your businesses premises and examine areas where environmental performance can be improved.


Experienced Environmental Auditors
Our experienced auditors will examine the business activities, systems, technology and people within the company to develop an action plan to improve  environmental management and environment-related issues within the company.


Opportunities for Improvement
Identification of environmental improvements and cost savings  will be achieved through discussion, site tours and document inspection.  Improvements could include opportunities to reduce waste costs through minimising waste and increasing recycling; reducing energy costs associated with heating, lighting and processes and helping firms ensure that they are meeting legislative requirements.


Tailored Action Plan
After the site visit, you will receive a tailored action plan to help you improve business in the following areas:

  • Environmental compliance
  • Environmental management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water conservation
  • Waste minimisation
  • Carbon reduction
  • Resource efficiency

The Aspects Environmental Health Check can be the first stepping stone to achieve environmental excellence and cost savings.

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