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Project Management

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Aspects International Malaysia has extensive experience (25 years) of project management, from restructing companies large and small, managing $1+ million European funded projects to supporting private companies.

Some examples of our experience

One of our consultants managed the successful Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) project in Hull, called the Humber Resource Efficiency Centre (HREC). This project was also supported by Environment Agency (EA), Humber Forum and The Environmental Help Line. The project was primarily to assist SMEs in the Humber region to benefit from the techniques and methodology of waste minimisation applied to small companies.

Assisted a Plc company to develop and manage a partnership with its sub-contractors. This has involved the introduction of new working practises, technology and systems common to all partners.

Our consultants have been seconded into a number of positions within industry e.g. as a Manufacturing Director of a £12 million turnover company to assist in bringing the company back into profit. This was accomplished within eighteen weeks.

We have experience of implementing and managing the introduction of Cell Technology into a number of companies. This has involved a number of disciplines: e.g. Group Technology - the setting up of Machine and Assembly Shop cells and applying Just-in-Time philosophy throughout the company. The project included project managing the introduction of a computerised Materials Requirement Planning (MRP II) and the introduction of the philosophy of “Design for Manufacture”.

Green Construction Projects

We have listed below an example of successfully completed sustainable building projects:

We have designed and project managed the installation of commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.  We give support and guidance to numerous industrial companies on how to improve their chiller and refrigeration system efficiencies for processes and environmental controls.

Green Building design and certification Projects:

•    Instrumental in obtaining USGBC LEED Certification for commercial buildings on 7 completed new buildings in Malaysia.
•    Product Development for new energy-efficient refrigeration products – we successfully developed the Copeland ZX Condensing Unit for global markets including installation in the 7 Eleven Thailand market (7,000 + stores).
•    Designed and installed commercial air-conditioning and refrigeration systems into a Marketing and Sales suit of offices – this project subsequently won the Emerson Asia Sales Award.
•    Design and supply of refrigeration evaporators, condensers and condensing units for a number of applications in ASEAN
•    Project Management of an extensive and specialised M&E project for a clean room and process cooling system.  This project included project engineering, financial planning, mechanical and electrical design, construction and commissioning.
•    Design and implementation of an automated building management system for control and monitoring of mechanical and electrical systems within a high density multi level office complex.
•    Designed a central chilled water plant for the expansion of an existing production process expansion, avoiding disruption and down time to the process.
•    Involved with the design and calculations for a company who required a new milling system to replace the existing Fluid Energy Milling (FEM) system.  The whole project had a payback period of less than 1 year.
•    Designed and successfully implementation the first “Active Chilled Beam” system in Malaysia in 2012 and subsequently
Management Projects
•    Assisted a large Plc to develop and manage a partnership with its sub-contractors.  This has involved the introduction of new working practises, technology and systems common to all partners
•    One of our consultant was appointed an interim operations director for a plastics recycling company for two years until it was in profit and suitable for purchasing by a specialised plastics company
•    Prepared and delivered environmental energy technical/training and awareness, seminars, auditing courses and environmental performance strategies for various companies and organisations including the Asian Development Bank; British Standards Instituted & British Safety Council  .
•    We project managed the review of their operation to improve workflow and reduce manufacturing costs. Of all their products in particular the manufacture and finishing of window frames and doors.
•    Assisted a large block manufacturer in the use of alterative recycled material to replace primary fuel in the production of light weight building blocks
•    Project Managed over ten resource efficiency and waste minimisation projects throughout the UK the recent being three resource efficiency projects in Swindon, Portsmouth and Yorkshire, Northampton & London
•    Was lead consultant in the Textiles Finishing Association in removing lindane from effluent by the application of anaerobic digestion.
•    Involved in the reduction of the environmental impact a of major can manufacture enabling them to achieve ISO14001 in the UK and EMS in the rest of Europe..
•    A recycling company required Aspects to developed a methodology of recycling construction waste from demolition sites to manufacture MD type 1 road aggregate and various other co-products.
•    Implemented a number of lean manufacturing projects for companies throughout the UK
•    Assisted a recycling company in developing the ability to recycle plaster both from demolition and new from the construction sector.

Specific Management Project that we have undertaken

Project managed four ERDF projects in excess of £6 million for the Department of Process Integration within The University of Manchester formally known as UMIST.  The project was aimed at assisting SME’s to benefit from the technology and techniques developed within the HE establishments.
•    Developed and implemented control systems, recruitment and operating strategy
•    Managed the program and was responsible for full budgetary control
•    Achieved a 1st for the university with the project by attaining audited outputs within budget and time scale
•    Managed a mixture of personnel including academics and associates in delivering the program.

Project Managed a manufacturer of toughened glass with an internal waste minimisation program, that led to a restructure of the company and a re-engineering of their operation.
•    Set up and managed a cost reduction program within the manufacturing facility at their 2 plants.
•    Reduced operating costs by 15% by the reduction in waste and improving the yields from the tempering furnaces.
•    Involved in the negotiation of the company incentive scheme and the successful implementation and integration.

We assisted a national program focused on the construction and manufacturing sectors to preventing waste going to landfill.  Was given specific targets to reduce and recycle, and to assist in the reduction of a company’s consumption of virgin material.  Also involved in the recycling and reuse of aggregates in the construction sector and developed new techniques and applications for construction waste to be processed by a recycling station.
•    Developed and implemented control systems, recruitment strategy and reporting methods.
•    Trained and recruited the program mangers and support staff 10 employees
•    Involved in the recruiting of over 1,200 companies in the Yorkshire and Humber region.
•    Involved in the program rollout through the rest of England, Scotland and Wales

Project managed on behalf of Viatech Continental Can Europe a review of their manufacturing operations, to identify changes in procedures and operating practice, to reduce their environmental impact aimed at increasing the profit margin in a very competitive market.  Also assisted in carrying out the 1st life cycle analysis on behalf of the company on the environmental impact of steel cans versus aluminium cans.
•    Set up and managed one of the 1st Environmental Management Systems compatible with ISO 14001 & EMAS
•    Developed the safe working practices and methodology for the measurement of particulates and VOC emission monitoring.
•    Involved in the redesign of cans with reduced necks and caps as a material reduction program.
•    Improved the effluent management and the associated cost reduction of chemicals and disposal.

Project managed an assignnment at  Body Shop, implementing a waste minimisation project within their manufacturing site.  That led to the site being compliant and their effluent discharge being below the consent limits.  In conjunction with their environmental team compiled the 1st corporate environmental report.
•    Led the investigation into the uncontrolled losses in perfume yields and high COD loads in the effluent.
•    Identified the issues and implemented methods to eliminate the issues in yields and effluent treatment giving savings of £500K pa
•    Involved in the reporting and measurement of their environmental impact for inclusion in the company’s annual report.

A project for a pharmaceutical consumer products company, that involved the restructuring of their maintenance department, incorporating them into the production process.  The development and design of a planned maintenance system for the factory, including parts control.  The reported savings were in the order of £500k for the factory in Birmingham
•    Implemented the company strategy to integrate and restructure the machine maintenance philosophy
•    Improved the response time from 2 hours to 20minutes
•    Reduced the department by 50% and reduced the parts stockholding by over 25%

Working with a large signage company in the North West to assist in bring the company back into to profit. (Annual Turnover £7.5m)  Increasing the companies turnover to £10M with a 7% increase in profitability.
•    Designed and implemented a manufacturing strategy to improve efficiency and reduce costs
•    Restructured the management, redefining their roles and responsibilities to improve reporting and communications.
•    Involved in the budgetary negotiation throughout the company in implementing an incentive scheme for all.
•    Developed modern methods and factory layout to improve efficiencies in the production of bespoke products.

An advisor and counsellor for a UK national program "Envirowise" part of the AEA in assisting SMEs in developing, implementing and obtaining EMS accreditation including demonstrating cost benefit analysis of resource efficiency.
•    Involvedin the management of the Catalyst Project, Thames Valley Project and project managed the Humber Forum Waste Minimisation Projects and Northumberland Waste Minimisation Club.  Designed and implemented a manufacturing strategy to improve efficiency and reduce costs
•    Developed modern methods of reporting benefits for the national program.
•    Developed and published a number of case studies and technology references for resource efficiency implementation.
•    Involved in the budgetary negotiation with companies to ensure correct calculation of sustainable benefits.
•    Involved in the independent auditing of RE programmes to ensure that the benefits for each program have been over £6M / £8M per project spread over the individual companies

On behalf of a WEEE compliance company we project managed and assisted in developing of new methods of recycling and re-manufacturing of street luminaries.  From this project we identified and verified that it was possible to recycle 98% of the street lighting at commercially competitive rates.
•    Set up and managed a pilot project to recycle street luminaries
•    Develop new products and obtained AT & AAT facilities to ensure compliance with the WEEE directives.
•    Achieved recycling rates higher than conventional methods of recycling.  With potential savings of £1.5m for local authorities in the UK

Assisting a health care company in relocating a company T/O £15m with 50 employees from Greater Manchester and incorporating it into the existing business in Chesterfield.  There were inherent issues with the company trying to implement this project for over 2 years and it had stalled.  This assignment was completed on time and within budget. 
•    Set up and manage the closure and re-establishment of the manufacturing unit with full budgetary responsibility reporting directly to the main board
•    Reduced the workforce and achieved the additional output to protect the product sales from any disruption.
•    Involved in the negotiation in manning levels and new operating procedures in new location

Operated a plastics recycling company requested the assistance to overcome its operational problems and logistics in reprocessing recycled plastic from a number of high street retailers.  This project was to increase the company’s profit from negative to positive and increase its operational margin by over 10% allowing the company to tender for additional contracts.
•    Set up and managed a logistics storage and despatch of plastic for recycling with responsibility for personnel and costs.
•    Responsible for the 20 employees
•    Involved in the contract negotiation with the clients to achieve best possible prices.

This was a short term assignment to lead one of the development projects within the textile department to achieve its project outcomes within the allocated budget.  It was also to cover for an internal enquirey into the operation of the department.
•    Managed a specialised textile department within UMIST with responsibility for personnel and budget
•    Re-Structured the roles and responsibilities of the personnel to suit the budget requirement
•    Implemented new working practices to improve efficiencies and budgetary control.

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