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Project Management

Upskilling your workforce

Aspects can provide you with a total training package to upskill your workforce

Practical Environmental Management Programme

Aspects is offering a series of training days designed to help you manage your use of resources and reduce your carbon emissions. Benefits include site surveys, peer reviews, a comprehensive c

New Greenhouse Gas Evaluatior Courses in Malaysia

Following the opening of the new Aspects International office in Malaysia, we are running a number of courses, including the high level Lead Green House Gas Evaluator Course. Read More..
Aspects International has extensive experience of project management, from managing £1 million European funded projects to supporting private companies.

Some examples of our experience

One of our consultants managed the successful Single Regeneration Budget (SRB) project in Hull,Franck Muller Replica Watches called the Humber Resource Efficiency Centre (HREC). This project was also supported by Environment Agency (EA), Humber Forum and The Environmental Help Line. The project was primarily to assist SMEs in the Humber region to benefit from the techniques and methodology of waste minimisation applied to small companies.

Assisted a Plc company to develop and manage a partnership with its sub-contractors. This has involved the introduction of new working practises, technology and systems common to all partners.

Our consultants have been seconded into a number of positions within industry e.g. as a Manufacturing Director of a £12 million turnover company to assist in bringing the company back into profit. This was accomplished within eighteen weeks.

We have experience of implementing and managing the introduction of Cell Technology into a number of companies. This has involved a number of disciplines: e.g. Group Technology - the setting up of Machine and Assembly Shop cells and applying Just-in-Time philosophy throughout the company. The project included project managing the introduction of a computerised Materials Requirement Planning (MRP II) and the introduction of the philosophy of “Design for Manufacture”.
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