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25 Year History

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Aspects International Ltd

A 25 Year history


Aspects International celebrates 25 years this year and we have listed a few of the stages and project that we have been involved with and led over the 25 years.  In the forefront is our commitment to improving the environment both as a training organisation and an environmental consultancy setting an exemplary standard in both.


It is easy to forget our history and development while working in an ever changing industry where every 6 months we need to check with the introduction of new regulations, best practice and keeping pace with the technology. 


It was with deep sadness and loss of a founding member Barry Little who died of cancer in 2005 and he was missed by all the people that knew him for his work in on the environmental,best replica watches quality  and training of environmentalists for the future.


1990    Founded by Mr Barry Little and Dr Brian Pearson as a company focused on waste minimisation, and the implementing the Environmental Act of 1990


1991    Aspects International Ltd was the UK representative on ‘PREPARE’ an international working party on ‘cleaner technologies’ covering waste minimisation and eco-design.

            Started workshops on the implication of the Environmental Protection Act


1992    The company was part of the working party for the evaluation of BS 7750 the first environmental management system standard.

            We were one of the consultancy companies on the Project Catalyst one of the first waste minimisation demonstration projects that ran from December 1992 to April 1994 involving 14 companies in the Mersey Basin area.


1993    Aspects International developed the first environmental auditing course that was accredited by the Environmental Auditors Registration Association (EARA) later to join the Institute of Environmental Management (IEM) and become the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA).

The company appointed Crystal Clear Consulting Ltd as its agent in South Africa; an association that continues to the present time.


1994    In this year the company developed a strong overseas reputation for its training and environmental knowledge and implementation and was involved in a number of overseas projects:

  • Chosen by the Japanese Environmental Management Association for Industry (JEMAI) to conduct a series of environmental auditor training courses over an 18 month period.
  • Established links with Gamma International in Argentina to conduct environmental awareness and environmental auditor training courses.  The link continues to the present day.
  • Selected by the Korean Standards Association to conduct environmental auditor training courses
  • Aspects International was the sole consultancy on the Morecambe Bay Waste Minimisation Project involving 4 companies and funded by North West Water, Nuclear Electric and the companies themselves.


1995    In partnership with Stan Counsell we formed Aspects International Certification Ltd the first certification body from an environmental background to be accredited to certify companies to BS 7750 by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

            The company was one of the consultants on the Dee Catchment Waste Minimisation Project involving 13 companies which was of the most successful projects saving £4.5m during the 2 year project and identifying £1.3m further potential savings.


1996    Our reputation and experience allowed us to be selected as one of the major consultancies on the Waste Elimination from Textiles (WEFT) project in Northern Ireland involving 8 companies in the textile sector.

            Due to our reputation and experience Aspects was selected by the Foundation of Thailand Productivity Institute (FTPI) to train local staff in the implementation of ISO 14001 and lead the implementation of the system in 7 local companies.


1997    Aspects International was selected by the Thailand Environment Institute to lead a group implementation of ISO 14001 in 6 Thai companies.


1998    Aspects led a group for the implementation of ISO 14001 into the Printed Circuit Interconnection Federation (PCIF) involving 8 companies in the sector.

            Moody International Certification Ltd acquired Aspects International Certification Services in order to gain its environmental accreditation and expertise.


1999    Aspects International Ltd implemented ISO 14001 in a number of companies in Argentina with our Argentine partners


2000    Conducted a number of auditor training courses in Chile and Singapore


2000 – 2005 Aspects held a number of public and in-company courses involving ISO 14001/ ISO 9001 implementation projects and auditor training courses home and abroad.


2005    The company was the UK representative and involved in a Leonardo da Vinci Occupational Health & Safety project in Bulgaria.


2006    The company was chosen by Ministry of the Environment in Barbados to train 10 staff in environmental auditing.

            Carried out a re-branding exercise and re-vamped the web site giving a more modern look

            Joe Reynolds became a director of Aspects International Ltd


2010    Aspects again were chosen to train staff of Ministry of Environment in Barbados.

            The company assisted a printing and signage company with their structured management training programme and implementation of ISO 14001


2013    Aspects set up a office in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia to develop and transfer the environmental knowledge to ASEAN countries

            The company was awarded the contract to carry out a number of energy efficiency workshops throughout the Yorkshire Region.


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