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Health and Safety

Upskilling your workforce

Aspects can provide you with a total training package to upskill your workforce

Practical Environmental Management Programme

Aspects is offering a series of training days designed to help you manage your use of resources and reduce your carbon emissions. Benefits include site surveys, peer reviews, a comprehensive c

New Greenhouse Gas Evaluatior Courses in Malaysia

Following the opening of the new Aspects International office in Malaysia, we are running a number of courses, including the high level Lead Green House Gas Evaluator Course.
Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) legislation affects most companies and many are recognising the value of implementing a formal management system to manage the risks. Aspects International can assist those companies at several stages of this process.
  • Initial Review
  • COSHH Assessments
  • Occupational Health & Safety Assessments
  • Legislative audit
  • Implementation of a management system
  • Audits of the system
  • Training of key personnel
Initial Review
Aspects International Ltd can conduct an assessment of your current situation against the requirements of the law and good management practice. The review is an important first step in implementing an effective OH&S management system. It identifies existing management practices and establishes a baseline on which to build a system which not only complies with legislation but also can gain certification. The outcome of the review is a plan of action to achieve those objectives. Aspects International Ltd reviews:-
  • Legislative compliance
  • Key health & safety risks and issues
  • Existing management practices
  • Past performance
Aspects International Ltd provides a report which details performance against those criteria and gives recommendations for action.
COSHH Assessment
UK Law requires specific risk assessment of hazardous substances under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) regulations. Aspects International Ltd can either conduct such assessments on your behalf or assist you to develop the appropriate methodology for you to be able to produce your own assessment and keep it up-to-date.
  • Identify the hazards
  • Assess the risks
  • Implement appropriate control
  • Inform and train those at risk
  • Monitor
Occupational Health & Safety Assessment
Most countries require organisations to identify occupational health and safety risks and to take appropriate action to protect the workforce and others who may be affected. Aspects International Ltd can conduct full OH&S risk assessments for you and provide recommendations for action.
Identify the hazards
Assess the risks
Implement appropriate controls
Inform and train those at risk
Monitor performance
Legislative Audit
Most countries have laws and regulations concerning occupational health and safety. Organisations need to demonstrate that they are complying with these regulations to avoid possible prosecution. Aspects International Ltd can audit your performance against the requirements of the law and recommend actions to ensure compliance is achieved and demonstrable when deficiencies are found.
  • Identification of appropriate legislation
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Management controls
  • Reporting
Implementation of an OH&S Management System
Management of OH&S issues can be on different levels. The key requirement for most organisations is to ensure compliance with legislation. However it is possible to go beyond mere compliance and develop a system which leads to continual improvement in OH&S performance. Whatever level of system is required, Aspects International Ltd can help you to implement it.
Aspects International Ltd personnel work with your own people to develop a system which builds on your existing practices and is tailored to your needs. Aspects International Ltd:
  • Guides and facilitates
  • Trains key personnel
  • Assists in document preparation
  • Manages the implementation process
Using Aspects International Ltd enable the system to be implemented smoothly and swiftly and avoids the pitfalls which may appear.
OH&S Systems Audits
Aspects International Ltd can act as an external assessor or as your internal auditor to assess the system against agreed criteria. If you have decided to gain certification of the system it is essential that internal audits are undertaken. You may also require an external view of the system prior to involving the Certification Body. Aspects International Ltd provides an independent view of your system and can advise on changes and improvements.
  • Pre-certification assessments
  • Internal audits
  • Independent reviews
OH&S Training
Aspects International Ltd can provide training for key personnel within the organisation. Among the specific courses available is ISO 45001 2018 but other OH&S training can be provided to meet specific needs including OH&S Systems, Risk analysis and Awareness programmes.


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