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Environmental Auditing

Upskilling your workforce

Aspects can provide you with a total training package to upskill your workforce Tiffany Replica

Practical Environmental Management Programme

Aspects is offering a series of training days designed to help you manage your use of resources and reduce your carbon emissions. Benefits include site surveys, peer reviews, a comprehensive c

New Greenhouse Gas Evaluatior Courses in Malaysia

Following the opening of the new Aspects International office in Malaysia, we are running a number of courses, including the high level Lead Green House Gas Evaluator Course. Read More..

Aspects International Ltd can assist your in-house team or carry out independent environmental audits to meet a variety of objectives on your behalf. Specific audits may focus on :-

Carbon Audits

We undertake carbon audits to calculate the footprint of your product, service or organisation using recognized standards such as ISO14064, Green House Gas Protocol or PAS 2050:2008. We consider all green house gas emissions, not just those associated with energy, but raw materials waste and transport to enable a complete footprint to be calculated. Following on from establishing your footprint, we can help you to reduce the footprint and support you with a carbon reduction programme.

As qualified environmental auditors,Rolex Replica we can check and verify the data if you have already calculated your footprint.

Legislative compliance

Environmental legislation is growing rapidly and the penalties for breach of legislation can be severe financially and to public image. Aspects International Ltd can check your performance against legislation.

Are you aware of the legislation that affects you ?
Are you keeping up-to-date with changes in legislation ?
Are you complying with all relevant legislation ?
Can you demonstrate compliance ?
Aspects International Ltd can check your current performance and advise on how to maintain legislative compliance.

Environmental risk

Many activities within organisations can have the potential to impact on the environment. Serious environmental damage may be caused as a result of accidents. Are you aware of these risks and the likelihood of accidents? Aspects International Ltd can help you identify the risks and recommended actions which can reduce the risk and the environmental consequences through:

Risk assessment
Recommendations for change
Management of risk
Aspects International Ltd will provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations

Management systems

Aspects International Ltd has considerable experience in planning and conducting EMS audits. We can support your organisation in several ways.

Audit prior to certification
Act as your internal auditors
Act as an additional internal auditor to ensure independence on certain activities
Support your internal auditors by assessing the audit reports
Aspects International Ltd will identify areas of non-conformances and opportunities for improvement within the system.

Resource efficiency

Waste generation and energy utilisation represent major opportunities for financial savings in most organisations. Aspects International Ltd can help you to identify these opportunities by conducting waste/energy audits. These will enable you to prioritise your efforts in those areas which have the greatest potential for return. We can then assist with help on developing the opportunities for savings.

Waste survey
Energy survey
Mass balance assessments
Waste/Energy savings identification
Water conservation
Aspects International Ltd will provide a report identifying opportunities for savings in waste/energy.

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