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Carbon Footprint Management Course

Upskilling your workforce

Aspects can provide you with a total training package to upskill your workforce

Practical Environmental Management Programme

Aspects is offering a series of training days designed to help you manage your use of resources and reduce your carbon emissions. Benefits include site surveys, peer reviews, a comprehensive c

New Greenhouse Gas Evaluatior Courses in Malaysia

Following the opening of the new Aspects International office in Malaysia, we are running a number of courses, including the high level Lead Green House Gas Evaluator Course.
Aspects International’s “Carbon Footprint Management Course: An Introductory Programme” is approved as part of a client's CPD course portfolio. The Carbon Footprint Management Course compliments a wide range of environmental courses, including those approved by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment.


The course covers a wide range of current topics and issues including how to measure an impact on climate change using tools such as carbon footprinting, how to manage and reduce carbon emissions and the business benefits for engaging in carbon reduction strategies.


The course has already been delivered at training centres in Leeds, London and Birmingham.  The feedback has been very positive; typical of the responses we have had to the course include “Thanks for the info and I enjoyed the course”, “I thought the carbon footprint course was great, really informative.”


Joe Reynolds, Director of Aspects International says “Climate change has been identified as one of the greatest challenges facing us all. Human and natural systems could be affected and this in turn could lead to major changes in the use of resources, production and even affect economic stability. As part of wide ranging initiatives and responses to climate change, organisations are facing the challenge to reduce green house gas emissions while at the same time staying competitive.

Thankfully its not all bad news.  The Carbon Footprint Management Course can help you calculate the Carbon Footprint of your operations or products and enable you to promote your “green” credentials and develop ways to switch from carbon intensive operations and products.


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