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Auditing Your Carbon Footprint

Upskilling your workforce

Aspects can provide you with a total training package to upskill your workforce

Practical Environmental Management Programme

Aspects is offering a series of training days designed to help you manage your use of resources and reduce your carbon emissions. Benefits include site surveys, peer reviews, a comprehensive c

New Greenhouse Gas Evaluatior Courses in Malaysia

Following the opening of the new Aspects International office in Malaysia, we are running a number of courses, including the high level Lead Green House Gas Evaluator Course.
Many organisations have calculated their carbon footprint, but how do they know it is accurate and covers all the key issues?

Taking the structured approach used in environmental auditing can ensure that the carbon footprint is calculated correctly.  Aspects can assist you with this by providing you with the skills and knowledge in the IEMA Approved Foundation Course in Environmental Auditing.


Environmental auditing is now considered a management discipline in its own right. Businesses now realise that a properly planned and implemented environmental audit programme can deliver numerous business benefits, which include:


  • Giving a business a much clearer understanding of its operations and impacts

  • Highlighting areas of inefficiency in processes

  • Reinforcing accountability

  • Identifying cost savings through waste minimisation and resource efficiency

  • Providing a sound basis for the production of corporate environmental reports and reporting publicly on its carbon footprint

  • Providing valuable information for future planning

  • Building trust between the organisation and its stakeholders,

  • Providing a starting point for other environmental initiatives


For many businesses, simply meeting their legal compliances and managing to operate under the constraints of ever more complex environmental legislation can be quite daunting. But with the right training and ambition, it is possible not only to be capable of dealing with these issues, but to use them to make the business both greener and more profitable. Aspects International is helping businesses do just that.


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